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Research Strength
        First Miliary Medical University now has 2589professional talents, including 2 academicians, 2 premier scientists of State “973 Project”, 132 experts enjoying the State Council allowance and 1066 professors or associate professors. It has 3 national key disciplines, 2 national key supporting disciplines, 3 key subjects by the State Management Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, 10 key subjects of Guangdong province, 14provincial and/or ministerial-level key laboratories, 1 state-level base of clinical pharmacology and 1 state-level base of TCM pharmacology.
        Southern Medical University has carried out cooperative research and academic exchanges with the universities and institutes in more than 20 countries like the United States, Britain, Japan and France. It has galined second prize of National Invention Award, National Scientific and Technological Progress Award and many other state-level scientific and technological awards.

Research Achievement

  Southern Medical University, as the technological platform of South JELE,develops many products that awarded many times. These prizes are the first grade prize of technological development in Guangdong province once, the second grade of new technologica generalization and application once, international golden prize twice, national golden prize eight times, silver prize twice and copper prize three times.silver prize twice and copper prize three times

The mother of JieYin——Professor Xu Wenxia   

    On the annual commending conference in December 2005, Southern Medical University rewarded a group of outstanding experts and professors for their excellent transformation scientific research achievements. Professor Xu Wenxia had the outstanding contributions.
    Professor Xu Wenxia graduated from the sixth military university (now the third military medical university) in 1954. She has been awarded many honor titles as Advanced Individual in Woman by the General Logistics Department, the outstanding scientific and technological workers of First Military Medical University in the seventh five-year period, the eighth five-year period and the ninth five-year period. She has gained the individual third-class merit three times and the collective third-class 2000 she was awarded the title with General rank.
    Through decades of hard work, she devdlopde 48 new products and transfer 37 achievements. Many of them were awarded.
    In all Professor Xu’s research, the most outstanding was thd herbal toothpaste, which was the first drug toothpaste in Guangdong province and one of the earliest purt Chinese medicines toothpaste. Jieyin Toothpast(with healing effect) was the most satisfying achievement of Professpr Xu; therefore, Professor Xu Wenxia was called the mother of Jieyin.